Goal area one: By the end of 2024, Camp Mack will have commissioned or developed a Master Plan to determine facility capacity needs, property stewardship needs, and building renovation needs for a ten-year period

Goal area two – By the end of 2024, Camp Mack will have a robust outdoor education program targeted to youth and team-building groups generating at least 2,000 engagements per year.

Goal area three – By the end of 2024, Camp Mack will have established at least six new documented key relationships for the purposes of income generation, donated services, and/or volunteer and staff recruitment.

Goal area four: By the end of 2024, Camp Mack will increase total operational revenue by 20% over 2019.

Goal area five: By the end of 2024, Camp Mack will conduct a review of board, volunteer, and staff structures and training, and make recommendations based on that review with attention given to benchmarks of diversity and operational needs.

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Camp Mack COVID-19 Update

Camp Mack has Covid-19 protocols that follow federal, state, and local guidelines. These are monitored weekly and changes are made as new guidelines are released. These guidelines apply to all summer camps, rentals, and retreats.

At this time, all groups may choose their own guidelines while at Camp Mack. If your group wishes to have stricter restrictions, please notify Guest Services. We do request that guests who have not been fully vaccinated or are experiencing upper respiratory symptoms wear a mask while in the John Kline Welcome Center.