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Volunteer & Employment Information

FLYE Weekend (Fun Leaders Youth Education Program)

Get ready to FLYE into leadership at Camp Mack with FLYE weekends March 9-10 and October 5-6, 2018. May 11-12 is Counselor in Training weekend.  These events are for youth who will be age 15-17 on May 15, 2018, (October weekend must be age 15 by May 15, 2019).  Cost is $25 for each of the first two trainings. The May training is FREE. Fee includes lodging and meals. For the March event, you will begin by helping to serve the Annual Dinner at Camp Mack before working through some leadership training activities.  For the October event, youth will work at teambuilding and working together.  Then, on Saturday, they will work in the program areas and children's activities with Camp Mack Festival. Print off a registration form and send it in.
FLYE Registration Form

Volunteer Work Camps/ Groups

Several work camps (meals and lodging included) are offered in the spring each year to assist the camp in preparation for the coming summer.  A fall work camp is also offered to help us prepare for winter.  These work camps are open to individuals and groups from local clubs or congregations. You may register for the work camps online or call the office at 576-658-4831 to reserve your spot.

Congregations, Sunday School classes, youth groups, other groups or organizations, families, and individuals can schedule a time to come to work on the variety of projects that are ongoing. Call ahead so that we can prepare for you. Contact the camp office to set up special work days either by phone 574-658-4831 or by emailing info@campmack.org. 

Summer Camp Leadership Positions

Team Leader/ Counselor
One of the things that is unique to Camp Mack is the significant number of volunteer leaders that serve during the summer in camp leadership. Camp Mack is always looking for qualified leaders to help facilitate this program. While the average age of the Team Leader or Counselor is over 30, persons as young as 18 can serve as a Team Leader or Counselor. While age is significant in determining readiness for leadership at Camp Mack, perhaps more significant is the example of Christian values demonstrated by the individual who is leading. You are invited to consider the role that you might play in the life of a child this summer.  Apply today.
Training Dates: Team Leader training: March 3, 2018.  Counselor, CIT, and Team Leader Training, May 11-12, 2018.
Click here for Team Leader/ Counselor Application
Counselor Health Form (Team Leaders, Counselors and CIT's- please fill out and bring to camp)
See Counselor Need link for list of counselor needs.

Counselor In Training (CIT)
A Counselor-in-Training is a person who would like to learn more about counseling through on the job training. This program is designed to encourage individuals as young as 15 years of age to explore and grow into the counseling role. As a CIT, you will be expected to attended a special training event and will act and function as a counselor under the direct supervision of a an experienced counselor.
CIT Training, May 11-12, 2018
Click here for CIT Application
Click here for What is a CIT?

Volunteer Positions
Camp Mack utilizes volunteers to help provide its ministry. Persons are needed all summer and beyond in positions such as Food Service, Facility, Housekeeping, Grounds, Office, Health Office Persons, and Programming.
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Summer Positions
Each year Camp Mack hires young adults for summer staff positions from May to August. Applications for these positions are received beginning in December. Interviews begin in January and final hiring decisions are many times completed by the end of March. These are seasonal employment positions and are on site by design and necessity. There are a series of downloads for these positions, located below.

Summer Staff Position Description
Click here for Summer Photographer Position Description
Click here for Summer Challenge Course Manager Position Description
Click here for Summer Waterfront Director Position Description

Click here for Summer Employment Application

Current Staff Positions Available
General Staff Application

Part-time On Call persons
We are looking for people to be available as needed on a part time basis.  It could be 10- 20 hours a week or just one day of 4-6 hours. Our schedule is such that we are in need of extra help periodically for a variety of needs. If you would be interested in being part of our data base of people we could call when we need extra help, please call or email your information to Camp Mack 574-658-4831 or info@campmack.org or by mail to PO Box 158, Milford, IN 46542. The hourly wage of $8- $10 will be determined by your skill and experience.  We are looking for persons to work in:

Food Service for banquets and normal retreat groups in the area of dishwashing, food prep, serving, etc.
Office in the area of data entry, large mailings, gift shoppe, phone coverage.
Program for Teambuilding events, climbing wall, waterfront, ropes course, outdoor education.
Housekeeping for general cleaning and deep cleaning.