Become a Giving Day Ambassador

Pictures and Graphics to Use

Camp Mack Giving Day is all about celebrating the sanctuary experience of Camp Mack. This year’s giving day is 3 parts: 

  1. Celebrating New Heights: a documentary about Camp Mack’s challenge course
  2. Celebrating Sanctuary: a telethon of people sharing stories
  3. Celebrating Community Campfire: a public campfire featuring the Boomer Boys

Ambassadors will spread the word of Camp Mack Giving Day through social media. Below is a suggested calendar on how you can encourage others to celebrate their sanctuary experience at Camp Mack.

For all posts:

Share Camp Mack’s posts about the day.

Use the Hashtag #MackGives and Tag Camp Mack in the posts

Use pictures from for all your posts

Week of June 21st: Post about saving the date for Camp Mack’s Giving Day


“Join me for Camp Mack’s Giving Day on August 7th. Let’s celebrate this amazing sanctuary”

“I’m so excited to celebrate Camp Mack! I hope you can join me in making a difference at this sanctuary.

Week of July 12th: Post about Camp Mack helped you reach new heights

Week of July 19th: Post about Camp Mack provided you sanctuary

Week of July 26th: Post about the community you found at Camp Mack

August 6th: Post about tomorrow being Giving Day


“Tomorrow is Camp Mack Giving Day. I’m so excited to celebrate sanctuary!”

“Camp Mack Giving Day is almost here! Join us tomorrow in supporting this sanctuary!”

August 7th: Post about Giving Day and share video content


“Giving Day is here! Celebrate Camp Mack by donating at”

“Time to celebrate the sanctuary of Camp Mack! Join me in supporting this place at”

August 9th: Post thanking your friends for supporting Camp Mack


“Thank you to everyone who joined for Camp Mack’s Giving Day. You have a made a difference for this sanctuary”

“We raised {XXXX} for Camp Mack on Giving Day. Thank you for supporting this sanctuary!”