When you give your first gift in the last five years to Camp Mack, it will be tripled

Thank you to Paris and Becky Ball-Miller, Byron and Eloise Smith, and an Anonymous donor for making this match possible.

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12 Days of Camp Mack

In one of the most chaotic times in history, God sent a savior to restore hope, peace, love, and joy. The story of the Gospel- the good news of new life found in Jesus- lives on in the sanctuary experience of Camp Mack.

Sanctuary promises hope. It establishes peace. It demonstrates love. It grants joy.

In this past year, opportunities to provide sanctuary have been limited. Sanctuary experiences for older adults, families, recovery groups, and many others were canceled or postponed. Children missed having fun at the waterfront, learning about creation, and experiencing the joy of being a part of Camp Mack.  

Plans are already in progress to create safe and meaningful experiences for everyone. However, this comes at the price of more protective equipment, different staff, and less capacity. No matter the cost, Camp Mack will continue to be a sanctuary, because the world needs a place of sanctuary.

When you give a gift from the Twelve Days of Camp Mack, you give the Gift of Sanctuary. You make Camp Mack safe and meaningful. You preserve the ministry that demonstrates God’s love in Jesus. 

As the world prepares to remember a child whose life changed everything, please consider the practical and sacrificial ways you can give a life changing experience at Camp Mack. Your gift makes it possible for the sanctuary experience to change another’s life

May you and your family find hope, peace, and joy in the love of God’s great gift,

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