Get-A-Way Days

Everyone needs a break, a time to get-a-way, learn something new or do something you really enjoy.  Get-A-Way days offer a "mini retreat"... so come, let your soul be renewed, refreshed and revived!  Make a new friend or reconnect with an old friend as you choose from a wide variety of programs.

Please note that several events are planned for the same day.  Bring your whole family, bring a friend or come alone.

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Eagle Watch- February 10, 2019. 1p-10p, $20.  See dozens of Bald Eagles in Indiana. (Offsite trip)
Wildflower Walk- April 28, 2019. 2p-4p, FREE. Appreciate the flowers of spring at Camp Mack.
Prairie Flower Walk- August 25, 2019. 2p-4p, FREE. Explore 5 acres of natural prairie area at Camp Mack.
Fall Nut and Tree Identification Walk- October 20, 2019. 2p-4p, FREE.  Focus on edible nuts and tree uses.
Sandhill Cranes Trip- November 16, 2019. 2p-10p, $20.  See over 10,000 cranes at Jasper-Pulaski FWA.


Scrapbooking- February 23, 2019. 9a-3p, $15.  Finish a couple pages for your scrapbook, mingle with fellow scrappers, and find treasures at the swap table.
Board Games- February 23, 2019. 9a-3p, $15.  Play your favorite board games or learn a new one.
Container Gardening- April 27,2019.  9a-3p, $20.  Vegetable gardening for those lacking space.
Dutch Oven Cooking-May 4, 2019. 3p-7p, $15.  From appetizers to desserts, gain a new understanding of Dutch Oven cooking and see how you can use it every day.
Campfire Jam- June 1, 2019. 7p-9p, FREE. Play and sing your favorite camp songs and enjoy popcorn in the kettle.
Basket Weaving- September 7, 2019. 9a-3p, $25.  Weave an egg basket for decoration or practical use.
Scrapbooking- October 19, 2019. 9a-3p, $15.  A day just for you to scrapbook without interruption.
Knitting & Crocheting- October 19, 2019. 9a-4p, $15.  Learn to knit/crochet and spend time with other fiber lovers.
Beginning Quilting- October 19, 2019. 9a-3p, $15.  Learn the basics as you make your first block.
Children's Drum Building- October 26, 2019. 9a-4p, $15 plus $35 per drum. Sand, stain, paint, decorate a Youth Ashiko drum.
Pumpkin Carving- October 26, 2019. 9a-4p, $20.  Carve pumpkins for fall with the family.


Target Sports- April 27, 2019. 9a-3p $15.  Archery target shoot, let paintballs fly with a slingshot at a target, and hear the noises as you throw rocks at targets.
Canoe the St Joe- May 4, 2019.  9a-4p $20.  A relaxing paddling trip as you canoe 8 miles on the St. Joe river from Mottville, MI to Bristol, IN.. 
Sailing 101- August 17, 2019. 9a-4p $15.  Learn basic sailing and rigging techniques on a Sunfish Sailboat.  Take out a Laser Sailboat for a little more fun.
Sailing 201- September 7, 2019.  9a-7p $25.  Head to Lake Michigan and sail on a 34' O'Day.


Wreathes and Swags- December 7, 2019. 9a-3p $30. Use fresh greens, fruit, ribbon and other unique items from nature to make a beautiful wreath or swag to hang on your door.
Christmas Ornaments- December 7, 2019.  9a-3p $20.  Turn ornaments on the lathe into beautiful wooden ornaments.  Be mentored by others who love to work on  the lathe.
Christmas Cookies- December 7 (2 sessions) 9a-1p / 12p-4p and December 8 (1 session), 12p-4p, 2018.  $45.  Stir up, bake 4 batches (12 dozen cookies).  We prepare the ingredients, you mix up the dough, bake, and decorate.  Best of all, we clean up the mess.