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Projects in Progress

Health Center/Public Restrooms

Planting the Future, our current capital campaign, has raised 70% of its 1.1 million dollar goal. The second phase of modernization of facilities has banked enough money to allow us to pay cash for a new health center/public restroom building to be located between the John Kline Welcome Center and Quinter Miller Auditorium. Here are the highlights:

Special thanks to the site-planning committee: Galen Jay, Jessica Kreider, Kevin Ramer, Beth Sollenberger, and Laura VanVoorhis.

Health Center.pdf is simply the floor plan and elevations for the health center/restroom building. This building will be built west of the John Kline Welcome Center and just south of the main road running from the welcome center to the W-cabins and Wampler Lodge.

Solar Project

Concerns about steadily increasing rates for electricity led to a several month investigation into the feasibility of stabilizing energy costs through a solar installation. A committee of people including staff, an energy engineer, and individuals who have overseen solar installations at their congregations met for several months analyzing the camp’s needs and vetting installation recommendations before presenting a proposal to the Indiana Camp Board. The Board analyzed the data and researched financial consequences for a little over a month with three committee meetings and two Board meetings before approving the installation. Here are the highlights:

Special thanks to the solar committee: Brian Flory, Travis Hartman, John Hartsough, Galen Jay, Robin Jones, Mike Kauffman, Kris Polega, and Nathan Searer.

Solar Analysis.pdf is a projection of possible costs if the maximum amount of money is financed over the full period of amortization. One of the columns includes additional gas costs that may be incurred once the final project is complete.

Solar Proposal.pdf is the basic proposal made by the vendor. It will indicate the specs for the system and shows locations for solar panels. The proposal indicates that the project covers 80% of current electrical output; however, when the project is completed, it will actually cover 100% of our electrical needs. Part of the project includes converting the main heating for the John Kline Welcome Center to gas. This is more efficient for the type of heat (radiant floor) used. It also will lengthen the lifespan of the compressors for the full system. Once the conversion is complete, it will result in about a 20% decrease in electrical demand.

Solar Proposal Data.pdf is a document with much more detailed information regarding the solar projections and output.

The proposed cost for the solar system is $426,000 with an additional $15,000 budgeted for contingency. The cost for gas conversion of radiant floor heat is $20,000. Estimated closing costs are $7,500.

$441,000 solar installation
$7,500 closing costs
$468,500 total project costs
$6,500 Camp Mack contingency
$475,000 approved financing

Ropes Course

Construction has begun of an $85,000 challenge course on its property north of Camp Mack Road in Milford, Indiana made possible by a grant from the K21 Health Foundation, which serves Kosciusko County.

This challenge course will increase our ability to reach out to the communities around us. Research shows that physical activity is crucial for social, emotional, and physical health; however, when that activity is outdoors, the benefits are multiplied. We hope to serve a wide variety of groups including service clubs, business groups, schools, and churches by providing challenging and cooperative experiences in our challenge course and throughout our nature preserve.

Major construction started on June 1st and the project should be complete by mid-August.

Sarah Major Windows

A generous gift will allow us to replace all of the windows in Sarah Major Lodge, increasing the comfort of those staying there.

Peace Garden

The Peace Garden will serve a quiet place to rest and meditate on the site of Murray Mound, east of Sarah Major Lodge. The garden will feature patio areas, a pergola with swings, a prayer labyrinth, and outdoor classroom sitting areas. Benches and bricks will recognize donors who have supported the Planting the Future Capital Campaign.

Garden Plan is a graphic that shows the vision for this space